Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of 63 aircrafts, mainly Boeing types, but also Embraer and ATRs. Scroll down to learn more about our fleet.

Boeing 737's Family

Boeing 737-800

Largest Aircraft Type in our fleet (31 Aircrafts). Flies to Africa, Europe and Middle East              

Boeing 737-700

Slightly smaller capacity than big brother B738, we fly 6 of them.                                            

Boeing 737 MAX 8

Latest Boeing 737 model. We currently have 2 in our fleet and 2 more coming in the following months.

Boeing 787's Family

Boeing 787-8 (5)

Our -8 fleet flies all over the world

Boeing 787-9 (4)

Same duty as -8, with slightly bigger capacity

Boeing 767's Family

Boeing 767-300ER (2)

Our most experienced long-haul aircraft.

Boeing 767-300ER (BCF) (1)

Our newly fited cargo aircraft. Discover it in CargoOPS Center

Embraer and ATR

Embraer E190 (4)

Beautiful Jet Engine taking you to Africa and Europe. Flies high and fast !

ATR 72-600 (6)

Regional and local flights