frequently asked questions

What makes vRAM a special virtual airline?
Our offering is unmatched with the best management system available (Vamsys), a great team to support our operations and some features that are unique to us:
My OFP was generated with an B737 as the aircraft, can I fly a different aircraft?

No, you cannot. You must always fly the aircraft indicated on the OFP. You can change the aircraft type during the dispatch phase before generating the OFP.

Is there an age restriction?

Yes. You need to be 13 years old or older.

I do not live in Morocco; can I still join?

Yes. We welcome pilots from everywhere on the globe. 70%+ of our pilots’ base is outside of Morocco.

Do I need to speak English?

Yes. All members must have a minimum acceptable English level. It’s the primary language used in aviation. On our social media platform, we’ll often use a mix of Moroccan dialect, English and French.

Can I fly whatever routes I want to fly?

No. You can only fly routes available in our booking system which is the exact same as the real-world Royal Air Maroc schedule. Our routes are checked every day and are as accurate as possible. Notice a discrepancy? Contact us
We are also currently looking at expanding our network to ONEWORLD schedule. We will keep you informed when/if that happens.

Can I fly whenever I want?

Yes. For more realism we recommend you stick to the real-life and official schedule (it’s so much fun to follow a flight for example), but you can launch a flight whenever you want (we are open 24/7 – no downtime!) & you can fly as often as you want!

Where can I get support?

You can get support at:

Is there documentation that can help me?

Yes. We offer a lot of resources, in particular a checklist booklet. All available in our crew center in the Documents menu. If you need something else, please reach out our support team

Are there any events or fun activities?

Very regularly. We advertise a monthly destination and we encourage you to go discover it. We also have from time to time dedicated event (for example for new scenery launch, or simply to be together). Finally, every year on the 1st Sunday of December, we celebrate our late brother Lahcen El Harda – founding member of the Moroccan flight simming community and real-life pilot.

Where are the modules that were available before?

We don’t offer these flight experiences anymore (VIP / vRAM TV etc) because we have migrated to the most advanced virtual airline management system Vamsys. This is a great investment for our pilots. It’s also used by the most successful Virtual airlines around who have the most traffic. We have made a strategic choice for simplicity. We were first to market with exclusive offerings that are unmatched to date. In fact, we see some VA’s only starting to plan to offer similar addons years after vRAM. We are now focusing on giving you a simple, enjoyable and hassle-free experience.

I used to fly with another Virtual airline, can I transfer my hours to you?

Unfortunately, the system does not allow it for now. But to welcome you we'll gladly ship you one of our exclusive T-shirts. Contact us by email to claim yours after completing 20 hours of flights with us!