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What we stand for

Extensive online presence

Use your flight simulator and enjoy our 1st-class services on any major Online network (VATSIM/IVAO/PILOTEDGE...).


Recognized by multiple online flight simulation services. You are in good hands with us (VATSIM / SIMBRIEF / VATSTAR ...).

Updated Schedule

And constantly expanding in line with the real-world Royal Air Maroc operations and regular updates of our fleet and schedule !


We have a great community of members and a dedicated staff team to KEEP THE SPIRIT UP

Letter from your Chief Executive Officer

Welcome aboard! As you join our vRAM crew, it is my team’s and my personal genuine hope that you have an enduring and unforgettable experience flying with us. Be confident to ask for help whenever you need it. We hope that our airline will continue to grow, and we know that you'll be a key part in growing it with us.

Who We Are?

Royal Air Maroc Virtual (vRAM) is a virtual airline founded & developed in November 2013 to simulate the operations of a real airline. It is an association of flight simulator enthusiasts on VATSIM/IVAO and it is UNRELATED to any real airline.

Our Mission

To provide our members with the resources they need in order to create the level of realism they are looking for. We understand there isn’t a “one size fits all” pilot so we try to give the pilots as many options of how realistic they want to make their Flight Simulation experience.

Our Goals

We endeavor to be a virtual airline that puts innovation first for the benefit of our pilots, so their experience with us is more than unique.

We welcome you to the ever-growing Royal Air Maroc Virtual Airline family and we wish you very happy landings & many successful flights with us!

Ismail El Moussati | Founder & CEO.

our staff

speaker name
Ismail El Moussati

Executive Board, President & Founder

speaker name
Mehdi Naguib

Vice President

speaker name
Amine El Fenne

Director of Flight Operations

speaker name
Zakaria Douazi

Flight Operation Director

speaker name
Imrane Kount

Pireps Manager

speaker name
Achraf Ghellach

IT Manager

speaker name
Mehdi Mesbah

Flight Operation Assistant

speaker name
Haytam Yajid

Events Manager

speaker name
El Yazid Benmoussa

Membership and Pireps Manager

speaker name
Ismail Hakkari

Pireps Manager

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