Flying Experience

We operate scheduled virtual flights to variety of destinations all over the world in VATSIM using flight simulators.


We are certified by VATSIM due to the quality of our services and the professionalism of our great pilots

Over 100 airports

And constantly expanding in line with the real-world Royal Air Maroc operations and regular updates of our fleet and schedule !

Why you choose our company ?

If you are considering joining our RAM Virtual, then you'd be right to ask what makes us distinctive.

All of these features

are available to every pilot on our roster regardless of rank, points, experience, or delusion


Scenery, liveries, planners, check-lists, manifests, documents, and much more !


We handle hundreds of flights, and filing a pirep is as easy as clicking a few buttons !


Shared pireps, leader-boards, ranks, forum, and teamspeak services mean you are always in touch !


Our pilots tell us they are among the most satisfied and engaged across any virtual airline !

We have some bold claims to make...

We firmly believe we have the most advanced PIREP and flight tracking system of any virtual airline in the world. We have countless unique and exciting features to offer our pilots, and we are constantly in development! No stale software, no archaic systems, no dated data displays. We use the latest technologies to bring our pilots an unparalleled experience in Virtual Aviation!

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Ismail El Moussati (CEO) Speech Posted 02 March 2015

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